Horn Park School

Scheme of Work: Weather Across the World
Group: Year 3 (2 classes)
Teachers: Zoe Crossland & Susanna Morgan
Scenario: Radio broadcast

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Click the play button to hear the weather reports produced by the children at Horn Park School:

A message from the Headteacher

"From the inception of the project I was impressed by the quality of the coordination of staff from Tallis. This served to provide a safe base to introduce the two Year Three teachers to the project. Following the training of the two members of staff the project gathered considerable momentum. The selected project was to do with the weather. Although the initail hurdle was essentially linked to understanding the way to use the cameras and the software, children became use to this very quickly resulting in a truly cross currricular project where ICT was a key enabler rather than an end in itself.

"The level of autonomy between children observed during the last session was astonishing: for much of the time, adults could have left the room and the quality of learning would not have diminished - I wish I could say this for all sublects within the National Curriculum. I was delighted to see the way that some of the boys in particular, embraced the whole project. The change in their change in attitude to learning was little short of astonishing!

"For the future, we have already held an INSET day talking adults through the process and then allowing them full use of the equipment. We have purchased four camerasa for ourselves and they will be in full use as of next Monday!  For real sustainability, we need better resources: cameras and laptops, but especially the cameras.

"Finally can I say that I love the way that your team worked with both my staff and the children at Horn Park - can we have some more please!!"

David Roll, Headteacher
Horn Park Primary School - "Working Together To Achieve."