Henwick School

Scheme of Work: The Romans
Group: Year 4
Teachers: Stephen Waining
Scenario: Animation

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Henwick School Impact Report
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Check out the following animations made by the children at Henwick School:

Roman Buildings & Roads

Sit back and enjoy a guided tour of Roman civic engineering. Step inside the Roman Colusseum and marvel at the beauty and strength of a Roman road.

Gods & Goddesses

Did you know that Juno, Jupiter's wife, wore a pink dress? Discover this and many other fascinating facts about the Roman pantheon in this animation.

Don't miss the song and Roman Rap at the end.


Find out why Boudica was so angry with the Romans and how a pencil can double as a spear in this very creative version of the story of ancient Briton.

Roman Baths & Leisure

It's a wonder the Romans got any work done since they were very keen on taking it easy - lifting weights, swimming and eating geese.

This animation features another little song near the end.

The Roman Army

The Romans were pretty good at fighting and not too keen on the Celts preferred building material! Find out what made the Roman army such a brilliant military force in this exciting and opinionated animation.

A message from the Headteacher

"Thank you once again for you and your teams commitment to this wonderful IT project with Pyramid Class last half term. You provided the children and staff with an opportunity to extend their IT learning with resources and expertise which we at school could not have provided, and you you used your skills and time to help the children to achieve far more with their cross curricular and very creative project.

"The children were able to bring their topic on 'Life in Roman Times' to life and in so doing have made it so much more memorable for them selves and for their audience who sat enthralled during their presentation through their class assembly. Through having a purpose and making relevant connections the children have learned a range of practical IT skills linked with animation and sound. They worked amazingly well in group activities, [this is one of our more challenging classes] quickly establishing their roles. responsibilities and their independence in problem solving and making collective decisions. Each of the presentations reflected the children's learning and humour and as I said could be used as teaching resources for other children learning about the Romans.

"Staff have learned and increased their confidence in using different programs and 'Apple' software and needless to say are asking for these resources in school. The children appreciate visitors coming into their class especially when they have every opportunity to be interactive and are able to see an end result...they pestered their class teacher to make sure they had an opportunity to share their achievements through class assembly and asked for parents to attend.

"Parents who attended were equally impressed and proud of their children's and the class achievements. As were staff who were present...and they are asking for their turn! The children's learning has been of high quality, creative, fun, enabling them to co-operate, problem solve and make decisions. but most of all it has been memorable and they were all proud of their achievements. In true Henwick spirit your project has enabled the children and staff to
Work Together, Learn Together, Achieve Together and Celebrate Together...

Thank you."

Headteacher, Henwick School