The CLC team in Greenwich have generously supplied us with a mobile ICT suite for the purposes of disseminating the creative use of new technologies to our primary partners. Here is a breakdown of the equipment we use in each of our projects:

10 x Macbooks

Our Macbooks are equipped with both Apple and Windows operating systems for maximum flexibility.

10 x Flip Cameras

The Flip cameras are cheap, durable, simple to operate portable video cameras in which the USB connection flips out of the side of the device. Genius.

10 x Web Cams

These light, flexible web cameras are great for stop frame animation.

10 x Digital Stills Cameras

For projects requiring more detailed photographs, these cameras are ideal. We have a set of mini tripods just in case.

USB Microphones

These are ideal for podcasting when better quality audio is required. They plug straight into the computer's USB port.

Headphones & Splitters

We have enough headphones and splitters for groups of students to work effectively together on the same project. Great for collaboration!