What's the project about?

Thomas Tallis School is a Specialist Arts College, a Leading Edge School and national School of Creativity. We have joined forces with the Greenwich City Learning Centre team to offer a series of projects in our partner primary schools aimed at promoting creative learning through the use of new technologies. The CLC has invested in a mobile classroom of ICT resources and Thomas Tallis School will provide a member of staff whose role will be to work in our partner primary schools to help identify ways in which this resource can be used to enhance learning and teaching.

The programme will provide one half day per week, for half a term, in each participating school and will focus on one identified core curriculum area or subject unit. The sessions will be designed to compliment, enhance and develop the work already planned and taking place in the classroom.

Project aims

The project has several key aims:
  • to enhance continuing professional development in our partner primary schools
  • to enhance students' digital literacy
  • to develop sustainable projects, using an imaginative approach to ICT, that develop key skills
  • to have a positive impact on student engagement in and enjoyment of learning
  • to create a legacy of approaches, techniques and processes that can be used by others
  • to help raise standards across the curriculum

Expectations for participating schools

It is expected that each participating school will provide the CLC with an impact evaluation form, detailing any progression the children have made, as well as how the outcomes and practice will be disseminated within the school. We are using online surveys created in Google Docs to help facilitate this process.